This mod to assist your playing of minecraft, including the following many functions.

(Older version is not supported any functions)

AutoUnify: Auto unify many ores by Ore Dictionary
CropAssist: Auto replanting crops breaked by hoe (Greater than iron hoes effect wide range)
CutDownAssist: Lumberjack by any axes (Enchanted efficiency axes effect wide range)
LeaveAssist: Remove wide range leaves by axe on left click (Greater than diamond axes effect more wide range)
MineAssist: Collective destruct many ores (Require greater than iron pickaxe)
FlatAssist: Break any blocks in wide range when haste potion affected
TorchAssist: Place torch by pickaxe and shovel on right click (Since 1.10 is invailed by default)
BedAssist: Set respawn point by bed in anytime
BreedAssist: Animal breeding can wide range on right click by feeds
ShearAssist: Sheep shearing can wide range on right click by shear (Since Ver1.10.2-1.1)
MountAssist: Mounting automatically when you place a vehicles, and returning to inventory it when you dismount (Now Ver1.10.2-1.2 only)
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