This mod is addon of Thaumcraft 4 that implements brewing system in infusion crafting.

Caution, Explosion element is included in this mod. If you will pack this mod, I recomend to backup your world.


This mod inclueds the following functions.

– You can craft potion in high amplifer and duration than brewing of vanilla.

– You can craft fluid source of potion, and their become infinite fluid source.

– Fluids are transformed another blocks by react other fluids.

– You can craft focus of wand and accessory, that infused power of potion.

– You can upgrade Mob Spawners by power of potion.


Fluid potions that had Good Status are explode when the following cases.

– When rayed sunlight
– When placed in Nether
– When touched fluid potion of bad status
– When touched flammable fluid (oil of BuildCraft etc.)
– When there is a flame nearby